Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Unleashing the Beauty of the Beast! #TBSU

First, good news! As I write, Twelve Nights is still #1 in Erotica on Amazon! Woohoo! Thank you EVERYONE for downloading and sharing. Two more FREE days, so thanks for your continuing support.


PS If you get a chance to write a review on Amazon, I'll be hugely grateful and will send you a free iguana. No wait, that's illegal. Okay, I'll just be truly grateful!

The gecko that we rescued from my toilet! Sorry, not available for gifting!
On to the news of the day...

May Book Tour!

Starting today, Beauty of the Beast is on a month of May book tour, visiting a total of 15 blogs! Thank you Roxanne Rhoads of Bewitching Book Tours!

May 1 Guest blog

May 3 Spotlight

May 6 Guest blog and Review

May 8 Review

May 10 Interview
May 13 Guest blog

May 15 Feature Excerpt
The Naughty Nook

May 17 Guest blog

May 20 Review

May 21 Spotlight and Review

May 22 Guest blog

May 23 Spotlight

May 27 Spotlight and review

May 30 Review

Please visit these wonderful blogs and give some love to the owners! There will be giveaways of FREE books on every post!

As always, I welcome your comments! What's going on in your life? Stop by for a chat! I'll pour you a coffee, decaf if you prefer!

With many thanks, today's version of The Blog Scratchers' Union is presented above, in the links to the May host blogs! #TBSU

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