Thursday, May 23, 2013

YouTube Channel: Carole Remy and Friends! #TBSU

Now that I have a trailer for Twelve Nights, I've learned that it's not easy to find places to share it! The fantastic, wonderful trailer produced by T. N. Mohan, producer of the Twelve Nights movie, and created by Allan McCall, is on the sidebar to your left. Take a minute to watch!

Carole Remy and Friends

In an effort to promote all of our trailers, I've set up a YouTube channel we can all use. I've started with a playlist for book trailers and one for blog trailers. If you have other types of clips you'd like to have a place to share jointly, please let me know.

Link to Carole Remy and Friends YouTube channel.

The Value of a Shared Playlist URL

My hope is that by having a location for book and for blog trailers, we can ALL benefit when any one of us promotes the playlist URL. In other words, every time I share the playlist, your trailer also gets a look see from whoever goes there. And the same goes for every other share by any of us!

This link goes to the page with both the Book Trailers and the Blog Trailers playlists.

This is the link we can use to send people directly to the playlist for Book Trailers.

Here's the link to send people to the playlist for Blog Trailers.

Of course, you can also send people to your individual Book or Blog Trailer on the playlist, though that minimizes the value of a shared playlist for all of the participants.

How to Join

If you have a book trailer or a blog trailer that you would like included, just leave the URL in a comment on this or any other post on the blog. You can also send it to me in an email if you'd like. This will be a PG to R rated channel, not for kids but not X-rated either.

Do you have a book trailer? How about a blog trailer? Would you like a place to share it where it will hopefully get extra exposure through shared promotion? Let me know what you think of this whole idea in the comments! I look forward to a lively discussion!

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    1. What a fabulous idea, Carole! I'll check it out ASAP! Hugs! Xx

      1. Thanks Molly! As soon as you have a trailer, let's post it! Hugs and have an awesome day,


    2. I love the idea of trailers! I remember as kids we used to be crazy about watching snippets - more excited than the real movie! :-) Great idea to create an exclusive channel!

      Love, Vidya

      1. Hi Vidya,

        I love trailers too! I always try to get to the theater a little early, so I don't miss any coming attractions. That love makes it even more fun to have my very own trailer! And it was produced by the man, T. N. Mohan, who's making a feature film from the book. Woohoo!

        Hug! Thanks for stopping by,