Sunday, April 7, 2013

Encouraging Words from Nathalie Thompson

Welcome to our third Encouraging Words guest author, Nathalie Thompson! Nathalie came into my life through our mutual interest in the Law of Attraction. We quickly became friends. This spring, Nathalie started an exciting, creative new venture called Vibe Shifting, all about raising your energy and living an awesome life! 

In addition to being friends, I'm an avid follower of Nathalie's wisdom as displayed on her various sites. Her words are always wise, kind, and uplifting. Plus she's Canadian! I lived in Canada for 27 years, and seeing Canadian spelling again is great fun! Introducing Natalie to my amazing and wonderful readers is a true pleasure. Enjoy! 

Hmmm... What to Write?

When Carole asked me to write a guest post for her blog, I was excited; I’ve never been asked to be a guest writer for anyone before, and I was honoured. I was also, however, at a little bit of a loss. 

What does one write for the audience of an erotic romance blog? I had a vague idea for using the lyrics of one of my favourite songs as a starting point (the chorus would have tied in well with the whole steamy thing), but it just wasn’t working – the inspiration was not there.

Finding an Authentic Voice

And then it occurred to me that the reason I was not inspired to write was because I was trying to be something I’m not. I was trying to write something with a romance novel kind of twist to it, and that is just not my style. It’s not me. And while I probably could have banged something out, it just wouldn’t have been believable.  I realized that in order to write something well, it has to be written in your own authentic voice. It has to be a showcase of your own style; letting your own personality and the song of your own soul flow through every line.

And I also realized that, just as this is true when writing, it is also true of life. Each of us has a unique perspective and a unique blend of talents and skills, preferences and desires. The exact recipe of things that makes one person’s heart sing is different than what makes another’s sing. And these differences are vital to the music of the Universe because it is this harmony of viewpoints and interpretations, voices and experiences that creates the beautiful symphony of our existence here.

But that harmony can only exist when we allow ourselves to be who we are. Most of the problems we encounter in life are a result of trying to be something that we are not. They are the result of lying to ourselves, in an effort to fit into roles or occupations or situations that we were never meant to fit into. They are the result of listening to voices that are not our own telling us what we should do, what we ought to do, and what is most logical, rational or reasonable; the voices that tell us to reign in that which makes us unique so that we may better fit in with the expectations of those around us.

Live Your Unique Heart-Song!

The problem with this is that when we try to negate our own self-ness in order to fit someone else’s, we smother the unique heart-song within us, distorting our beautiful, natural melodies. And then we suffer in the dissonance it causes, because it is not possible for us to ever truly become something we are not. There will always be that element within us that rebels against those constraints with everything it has, and we can never be truly happy while this conflict rages within.

 You have nothing to give the world if you’re trying to be someone else because that someone else has already got it covered. But you have everything to give by remaining true to who you really are. Your thoughts, your views and your voice mean something; they are critical components of the masterpiece that is the Universe. Your story matters and you are the only one who can tell it. Believe in yourself, and be true to the best within you, and you will find that your happiness and creativity overflows as you share your unique gifts with the world.

When you find your centre there are no limits to what you can, and will, accomplish. Find your heart-song; find the melody that is yours alone and let it sing! Make a promise to yourself, today, that you will be the best that you can be.

Isn't Nathalie wonderful! Her words always make me smile. Click these links to read more:

Vibe Shifting web site:




I'm still getting a kick out of the Canadian spelling! How about you? Which of Nathalie's words strikes a chord for you? Do you feel inspired to go out and spend a glorious Sunday just being yourself? Nathalie and I look forward to chatting with you! Please join us for a lively conversation.

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  1. Wow! That is powerful advice! I spent a lot of time trying to be someone I wasn't and it doesn't work! As a woman, I think it's quite common. We often shape ourselves to fit the world around us and to suit other people's needs and expectations. It's a hard habit to break but I really believe it gets easier as you get older to be true to yourself. I had to make some major life changes and it was the hardest thing in the world but I couldn't leave it any longer. No one can make your life better except for you. No one can deal with your grief and loss except for you. No one can make your star shine brightly - except for you. :-) xx

    1. True words, Molly! One of the most wonderful aspects of expanding my Internet world has been making amazing friends like you and Nathalie! I hope the two of you can connect up. You are two of the nicest, most hard-working, and genuine people I know! Love and hugs to you both,


    2. Hi Molly, and thanks for commenting! :-) It is very true that this is common for women... we try so hard to fit ourselves into what other people think our roles as mothers and wives and business-women are, and we end up trying to take care of everyone else's need except our own. It can be so hard sometimes to stop listening to all those outside voices and find the stillness to listen to that voice within. Making those changes and learning to listen to ourselves is one of the hardest things we can do, but it is so worth it. I'm so glad to hear you are following your own path now, and I wish you all the best along the way! :-)

  2. Nathalie and Carol,

    I found you through your wonderful comments on DR; this is the first time I've clicked on a link. What a wonderful blog this is! I agree completely that we as women have a much harder time following our heart song due to the conditioning we've received from childhood on that tries to stuff us into 'suits' that others feel we SHOULD wear!
    I'm so glad to have found you ladies. You're helping me along my journey back to me :)

    1. Hi Patty, and thanks so much for clicking through! Isn't Melody's site awesome? She and Carole have both been such a big part of my learning in this area and I love them both to bits! :-)

      Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you start to sort through your old "closet of suits" and start picking out new roles that you REALLY want and are comfortable wearing?

      Here's to the journey back to you! :-)

    2. Hi Patti,

      Thanks for finding my blog! I like your analogy of suits. Yeats has a wonderful poem that ends, "Song, let them take it, for there's more enterprise in walking naked." When we stop singing the songs of others, a whole new world opens up. So glad you're here on the journey with us!



    3. Love the poem, and it's so true! When I finally started (slowly, very slowly) speaking out against wearing the suits others chose for me recently, it was like a cloud lifted! I now advise people who get snarky about my new attitude that "this is who I really am. I tried the costume you picked, but it just didn't fit" :)

    4. I bet you'll like the whole poem, Patty. It's short, so I'll copy it in here.

      I MADE my song a coat
      Covered with embroideries
      Out of old mythologies
      From heel to throat;
      But the fools caught it,
      Wore it in the world's eyes
      As though they'd wrought it.
      Song, let them take it,
      For there's more enterprise
      In walking naked.

      Yeats is writing about people copying his writing style, but his words apply in so many situations. I love your words to naysayers! Go Patty!



    5. Hi Patty!
      Nice to meet you on Carole's blog! It's a great place to be!
      I'm glad you're able to be yourself now. It's not easy, I know. I'm a teacher by day so although I'm myself to a certain degree, I also have to put on a front and it can be exhausting! But in my personal life I've been through some tough times and come through the other side. I sometimes have a 'wobble' but I have a very supportive husband who reminds me that lots of people love me just the way I am. And my kids show me that unconditional love that only children ( and maybe dogs) can!
      Hope to see you here again!

    6. What a sweet comment, Molly! Thank you for welcoming Patty and sharing some of your story!

      I was just this moment thinking what a lovely community we are building here, and you and Nathalie and Patty are a huge part.

      Super giant smooshy group hug!