Monday, May 13, 2013

Fantasy Impromptu is ON Kindle! #TBSU


We're LIVE! I pushed the button on Amazon to publish Fantasy Impromptu! at 2:42 pm Central Time, May 13! It's now available to buy! Woohoo!

First, a happy little note, tra la! 

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The blog slipped past 10,000 page views overnight last week, and today is already past 11,000! Thank you to all the wonderful and loyal readers worldwide who share this marvelous journey!

Cover Reveal!

Here's the cover for my new novel, Fantasy Impromptu! 

Click HERE to see Fantasy Impromptu now on Amazon Kindle!

The cover photo is a composite of two taken by my lovely daughter Margaret when we were on holiday in Ireland. The story is set in the Pacific northwest of the United States, and the lush greenery of Ireland evokes the spirit of the novel. The ever-amazing Marissa Lepe Preciado enhanced the image and created the overall design. Don't tell anyone, but she even swapped out the head from another photo of the same statue and popped it in here. Luckily the light and shadows were identical. Bet you can't find the join!

The Story of Fantasy Impromptu

Fantasy Impromptu is erotica. It's magical. It's musical. Chantal is a writer of erotica who is forced to face her worst nightmare. A fan of her novels kidnaps her and holds her on a remote island. The mysterious Bran becomes both tormentor and mentor, and reveals himself as perhaps something more than human. One by one, he leads Chantal to enact scenes from her novels. Scenes she would never actually do, scenes that terrify her, scenes that could lead to the emergence of her true sensual nature.

Writing the Novel

Fantasy Impromptu was born from a challenge to myself. I tried to imagine the ultimate terrifying and yet still erotic scenario. Living out an erotic novel meant only as a fantasy topped the list. I love Chopin's epic piano piece Fantaisie Impromptu, and modeled the chapter structure and emotional flow of the novel on its sequence of musical notation, such as lento (slowly) and fortissimo (climax!).

After finishing the first draft, I put the novel in a drawer, even though I had a top level publisher waiting. The thought of this novel being read by the public terrified me! A year later, the quick success of my first novel, Beauty of the Beast, led me to the drawer. Polished and proofed, Fantasy Impromptu was in stores within months, and sold out even faster than Beauty. Pristine used copies of both paperbacks can still list for up to 30 times their original price. Woohoo!

To tell you the truth, the thought of releasing Fantasy Impromptu on Kindle, publicly linked to me here through this blog, gives me a shiver. It's a raw book, folks! But I love Chantal and want you to be able to read her story. So in a few days, I'll take the plunge. Are you ready to jump off a cliff with me? We'll hold hands!

Please join me in the comments. I'd love to hear about your own experiences, whether reading or writing erotica. What scares you silly? What excites you? What does both?

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