Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FREE Kindle Days and Sexy Idaho! #TBSU

Today Lucy is in Idaho. I love Idaho! I found a beautiful photo and some fun tidbits to share! First a reminder that Who Is Candid? is FREE starting today on Amazon! All the Amazon links worldwide to download the novel directly are listed at the bottom of this post!

This badge is off by one day, but who's counting?!

Once you've downloaded the novel, it will be even more fun to follow Lucy's story here on the blog, with photos and personal anecdotes from stops along the way.

Lucy in Idaho

Idaho is one of my favorite states. It's hard to pinpoint why. Maybe the friendly people, or the spaciousness. Lucy drives across the northern part of the state, where it's skinny.

Here's part of Interstate 90 between Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Gorgeous!

A little more I-90 fun. Police have figured out that the best way to move moose off the roadway is... paintball guns! The moose might up with pink rear ends, but they move off the highway. No harm, no foul!

Here's a link to read the full story. 

Back in the novel, before you know it, Lucy pulls into an outlet mall. Luckily there's lots of parking space, so she doesn't have to try to back up the trailer. Can you back up a thirty foot trailer? Neither can I.

The first place Lucy heads is a bookstore, where she stocks up on books for her trip. Here are links to the titles she buys, in case you share her eclectic tastes: The Tao of Love and Sex (a sex manual!), Carlos Casteneda's The Art of Dreaming, The Dictionary of Clichés (because who couldn't use a few more clichés!),   and Screaming Hawk, by Patton Boyle.

It's a good thing the parking lot is fairly empty, because a few minutes later, Lucy and the bookstore clerk head out to her trailer for a little extracurricular excitement! You can read about their shall we say oral reading adventure in the novel!

Have you ever been to Idaho? What was your favorite part? What's the strangest book on your bookshelf? Have you read it? Share all in the comments. I can't wait to hear!

As promised, Who Is Candid? is FREE for the rest of this week on Amazon Kindle! Here are the links.

International Amazon Links to Download 

Who Is Candid?!

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