Friday, May 10, 2013

Encouraging Words from Seumas Gallacher! #TBSU

It's a huge pleasure to present a guest post of Encouraging Words from my friend Seumas Gallacher, author and blogger extraordinaire! His blogging style is unique, and earned him Blogger of the Year for 2013 from Congratulations, Seumas! And you, my dear readers, get to bask his enthusiastic glow today!

I'll post links to Seumas' terrific novels at the end of this post, but first, let's enjoy his words as he reminds us of just how much 'bluddy fun' being a novelist can be! By the way, Mabel is the Matron of the asylum where Seumas the Blogger resides.

.. it just keeps getting more betterer and betterer, Mabel… 

… through the mists of time, echoing words from my old Grannie resonate every now and then… among them  the pithy, “ye can have too much of a good thing, y’ know…”..that may well be the case, but I’m discov’ring there’s some stuff that seems cast with limitless pleasure … most of yeez who follow my blog will know by this time I’m a self-confessed tenant of a massive ‘feelgood’ cloud… the euphoria kicked in shortly after banging my first novel on to Amazon Kindle a couple of years ago… then came the revelatory daily-renewable gratification of immersion in the SOSYAL NETWURKIN community… the whirl of literary guest-speaking events around Abu Dhabi… the splendidly generous magazine and newspaper pieces on this ol’ Jurassic and his work… recently, the Abu Dhabi Book Fair saw fit to permit me to do a couple of book signings, a self-publishing panel slot with my great writing buddy, Author Jody. J. Ballard (she of the incredibly good debut novel, THE SMELL OF MUD), and a mind-boggling, author’s ego-stroking, interview Q and A session by invitation to the Royal Stand at the Fair… all this would start to creep into Granny’s “too much of a good thing, etc…”… except IT DOESN’T STOP there… yesterday was a tad different… an Arts and Crafts Fair event filled a local Mall Atrium where all sorts of goodies were on display… artists’ offerings, toys, handicrafts… and signed copies of novels by Master Gallacher... the whole affair ran for 12 hours (yes, 12 hours)… net result on copies sold amounted to 20 books… doesn’t sound very much does it?… but I ask myself.. in a normal day’s book shop sales, how many would be bought?… certainly nothing like that … placed against the download totals on Amazon, also inconsequential, perhaps.. BUT NOT TO THIS AUTHOR!!!.. the joy of signing yer own work and handing it to a reader who actually pays ye real hard cash money (oh, the ecstasy to a Scotsman… real cash money, Mabel)… and better still, to have live, face-to-face conversations with them about yer trip through the book’s genesis is FABULOUS… if I had even sold just ONE copy and had that sort of discussion, my day would have been complete … by the end of the event, my derriere was numb from sitting at the sales table… a small price in exchange for what we quill-scrapers seek most.. SUMB’DY WHO LIKES OUR BOOKS … I don’t even care that Matron’s here with that bluudy syringe… see yeez later ….

Thank you, Seumas! I feel ready to conquer the world! How about the rest of you? Please join us for what is sure to be a lively conversation in the comments!

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If you enjoyed this guest post, you know you did!, indulge yourself in a whole book full of wit and wisdom!

Seumas Gallacher Novels

Seumas Gallacher's two best-selling thriller novels, replete with black ops, triads, international crime, and intricate cross-border investigations, are available for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

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Jack Calder is an ex-SAS soldier working with former colleagues at ISP, a specialist security firm. He is sent to investigate a murderous diamond heist in Holland, but swiftly learns that there is a very strong Far East connection. The trail of death and mayhem coils across Europe, Hong Kong and South America until all the scores are settled.

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Murderous turf wars are raging between Asian Triads and Eastern European mobsters vying for control of international fiefdoms of drug smuggling, people trafficking, prostitution and money laundering. An unexpected visit from the highest levels of international law enforcement offers Jack Calder and the ISP team a chance to use their black operations skills to wreak a ruthless retaliation against the drug lords. The pursuit spins across Europe, Turkey and North Africa before a final reckoning.


Last but far from least, in the tradition of friendship and generosity, Seumas began The Blog Scratchers' Union, an open group of bloggers who support each other on Twitter and by honoring a few compatriots at the end of each blog post. If you'd like to join, just add #TBSU to your tweets of posts, watch for and RT others #TBSU posts, and acknowledge great blogs, including your own! Here are Seumas' #TBSU bloggers for today.

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