Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Amazon Best Seller! Has a Nice Ring! #TBSU


Wow! What a day this has been, what a rare mood I'm in!  ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

No wait, it's not love, it's Amazon rankings!!

Thanks to YOU, my wonderful friends and readers, Twelve Nights climbed to the #3 ranking on Amazon Kindle Erotica today.

And in Germany? #1!! Danke sehr sehr sehr viel!

Two days ago, Twelve Nights was a relative unknown in the Amazon Erotica World, lowly enough that it wasn't even ranked. I actually thought of the free days promo as a lead in to the launch of Beauty of the Beast. Today? Well, the words stunned, gob smacked, elated, thrilled, and GRATEFUL all have new meaning.

Gratitude and Appreciation!

The greatest of these freshly defined words is Grateful! I'd like to publicly thank some mentors and friends, without whom... wait a minute... this isn't an Oscar speech. Okay, huge thank yous (buy their books, read their blogs, everyone!) to

  • Molly Ann Wishlade, one of my first Twitter friends who makes every day brighter and is a tremendous RTer!
  • Nathalie Thompson, who suggested we mentor each other back before any of this started for either of us and has been a steady friend ever since
  • Seumas Gallacher, whose support and enthusiasm make all things possible. #TBSU!

Greatest thanks of all goes to the people that I've met and become friends with through the energy waves of the Internet, and especially to the amazing readers of this blog. 

Beauty of the Beast

The fun isn't over, folks! Twelve Nights is still FREE on Amazon through Thursday. And in just seven days, Mary Jane Andrews of Beauty of the Beast makes her bow as the newest Carole Remy heroine. Like Aggie, Angela, and Lucy, Mary Jane is smoking hot, smart, and independent, more than a match for the man of her dreams. Especially when it turns out that she's been the woman of his sexy dreams for quite awhile!

Mark your calendar! Mary Jane is about to unleash the Beauty of the Beast!

If you have a blog and would like to participate in the Release Day Blitz, let me know and I'll send you a press kit with everything you need. The Blitz has been organized by Roxanne Rhoads, owner of Bewitching Book Tours and another great supporter of my novels! Everyone, feel free to download, copy, and distribute this badge (created by the ever amazing Marissa) in any way you wish!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts and comments! Once things settle a little, I'll think about how all this relates to the Law of Attraction. What do you think? Best manifestation ever, right! Happy dance!

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  1. OMG, MC, this is LOA at its very best! This is the epitome! This is it! I am so glad you did not get that job with that other person, as I recall, because there was something so much greater for you in the works and here it is and it is ever-expanding! I am using this as a model to lead my life. This proves that a door never, ever closes, but everything is open and flows, like the wind through the windows in that circular room, brushing the curtains aside and letting the sweet air of the fruitful, blooming garden in.

    I also had in mind the following thoughts. for those who struggle, if we just let go of the idea that we are struggling, that would help. I think, though, there is something significant in struggle in LOA. I see it all the time. Those who are complacent lead mediocre lives, at least from my viewpoint. Those who lead fantastic, extraordinary lives had to go through a lot. Were they pushing through stuff, dealing with the past, taming their thoughts for the future, until they eventually knew that they will make it and they did? What are your thoughts on this!

    I bid you goodnight for now, dear!

    1. Hi A!

      Thank you so much for the congrats! I'm glad I didn't get the other job too, though that would have been excellent as well. I love your vision of the wind blowing through the open doors. Yes!

      I don't know that we can ever say that someone is complacent, because it could well be that they are growing and emerging in a way we can't perceive, perhaps because of our own blinders! I prefer to focus instead on the Golden Baby inside each of us, that beautiful self who is always ready to shine. Wake up, Golden Baby!

      I do think our Souls choose to come here for the experience, for the struggle if you will. Nothing is ever wrong to your Soul. Whatever happens is to be relished and cherished! Good and bad are just human labels. We can make it easier on ourselves by relaxing into our Souls, but that's always our own choice.

      Hugs, and goodnight!


  2. OMG! Carole! That is AMAZING!!! (Or is that Amazon-azing? LOL!) I am sooo excited for you! I am literally doing a happy dance for you!!! :-) Wow -- if it's ranked that high now, what the heck is going to happen when the movie comes out?!?

    Huge congratulation hugs for you! :-)

    1. Thanks Nathalie, dance partner!

      You've been a part of this since before it began. Remember last Fall? I can't imagine a better partner for a jitterbug in the living room!

      It is Amazon-azing! Perfect word for tweeting! Congratulations on your success too. Your blog is awesome, and your Pinterest boards are fantastic! You are on your way, my dear!



  3. Oh Carole I'm SO SO HAPPY for you! Your books deserve to sell! You are mistress of the erotic! I love Twelve Nights and Who is Candid? And I've nearly finished Beauty of the Beast -which is so sexy, dark and emotional! Have a wonderful day! Tears of joy brimming over for you! Love and hugs! Xx