Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lucy's Sexy Fun Road Trip: Lyle, Washington #TBSU

Lucy from Who Is Candid? is on a sexy fun road trip, and we're tagging along! Today we're driving to Lyle, Washington, a town I know well. First a reminder,

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On the Road Again ♫ ♪ ♫

On May 19, Lucy drives along the Columbia River Gorge, heading toward Lyle, Washington. The road pictured here is on the south side of the gorge, and Lucy travels on the north side, but you can see the splendor of the vistas.

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I owned a piece of property a few miles north of Lyle for several years. Half the fun of driving to Lyle is the many tunnels. I love these tunnels!

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Lucy stays at the lovely Lyle Hotel, where I stayed when I was looking for a piece of land, and later whenever I wanted a real shower! Each room is decorated in antiques. The Hotel has stayed pretty much the same since 1905.

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Lyle and the Columbia River Gorge are well known for the wind surfing along the river. 

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At dinner in the hotel, Lucy meets a hot blonde wind surfer, and you can read about the rest of her very sexy, very fun evening in the novel!

Have you been to the Columbia River Gorge? Do you enjoy wind surfing? Do you like seeing photos and learning extra details about Lucy's story? Please join me in the comments for a lively discussion!

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