Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pawn to Queen Six, and Gratitude Unlimited! #TBSU

Yes, I know that Pawn to Queen Four is the standard opening (thank you Google). Pawn to Queen Six, on the other hand, could be the brilliant set up to checkmate, or it could be the random move of a beginner (me!). And that's the point.
a good basic intro to chess
Tonight I find myself on the last night of my First Kindle Free Days adventure. Pawn to Queen Six. When you're in the middle of an adventure, you can lose sight of the simple fact that you are on one carousel, riding one pony of many, in a great big fairground of life! For a few days, I got so caught up in the game of tag-you're-it, that I forgot about the big picture.

That's not an apology. Tag is a LOT of fun! Being immersed in the moment is intense, fulfilling, and... fantastic! If this were an erotica blog, I'd say orgasmic! (*cheeky grin*) BTW, you can still download Twelve Nights for free through midnight Pacific time today! Tag! You're it!

Click here to download!
Now that this one lovely game is winding down, the mosaic of the big picture is coming back into view. The next game is about to begin, when Beauty of the Beast unleashes on Tuesday, May 7. In the breathing space, here are a few observations.

Friendships Are Cemented When You Work Together

Global Internet friends—movie making friends, hugging friends, recipe sharing friends, family photo sharing friends, Law of Attraction friends—all came together to promote the heck out of the Twelve Nights free promo days. You know who you are, and for those who don't know, you can read a whole post about them here.

We're a disparate group who met through each being my friend. Now it feels like I have a true band of brothers (and sisters). Seumas Gallacher's Vengeance Wears Black goes on free days at midnight tonight? We're on it! When Molly Wishlade's Desire in Deadwood debuts in August, we'll be there!

My gratitude is unlimited!

I Love Giving Away My Books

Kindle Free Days are a strategy to sell more books. My brain knows that. My heart is so joyful to give my books away, I could burst! If I put all my novels free on Amazon all the time, I'd be in heaven! [All right, Ms Brain. I won't do it!]

I worried that I would obsess about the numbers (curse of the mathematician). Did you know that you can track downloads click by click? My worst nightmare guilty pleasure! Instead, because the books are free, watching the downloads is fun. I won't check for hours, and then happy dance around the room, again!

From a Law of Attraction perspective, generosity is about the best gift you can give yourself. When you are generous, you feel abundant, and feeling abundant brings more and more abundance into your life. So thank you to the thousands of readers who downloaded Twelve Nights! 

My gratitude knows no bounds!

Things Change in an Eye Blink

With the first of May, all the posts on the blog from April vanished off the front page, into the depths of the archives! I loved April! It's seems silly, but I miss seeing the gecko post on the sidebar. How could One Global Tweet, One Earth disappear from page one? Of course, they're still here, and often posts pick up more readers later than immediately. Google search engine, I love you!

Some changes I welcome. Whew! I can go back to tweeting normal non-promotional stuff and not feel like I'm abandoning my Twelve Nights baby in the middle of her first free spree.

Over three days, Twelve Nights climbed from unranked to #1. It's on its natural way back down now, dropping more slowly than I had anticipated, actually. Still #6 at last count. If you are ever doing a KDP free fling, my observation is that the greatest number of downloads came on day 2. Just for reference.

A small surprise for me is that I'm just as happy as the ranking falls as I was on the way up. Not as giddy, mind you, but internally I'm feeling very content! Yet another lesson in welcoming change. Ahhh...

My gratitude is endless!

Please join me in the comments! I'd love to hear your thoughts. What are you grateful for? What fills you with a sense of abundance? Tell me about change, small or large, and how it affects you. Do you welcome change? Does it scare you, or make you sad? But first of all, how the heck are you doing today??

Three fun book blogs, presented here in the grand tradition of The Blog Scratchers' Union! #TBSU 


  1. I am grateful for sunshine and warmer days. I am grateful for beautiful, smart and funny children. I am grateful for steaming mugs of tea or coffee. I am grateful for the birds that sing their songs in my backyard. I am grateful for you, my friend. I am grateful for music to lift my spirit when I am down. I am grateful for Caramilk bars stored in the fridge. I am grateful for a comfortable bed and a roof over my head. I am grateful for words that flow when I need them to. I am grateful to be here in this time and place, even though it is sometimes heartbreaking. I am grateful for the strength to pick myself back up and keep going.

    1. Hi Nathalie,

      I'm grateful for your wonderful list! Huge hugs. You are an amazing person and a well-loved friend!