Thursday, March 21, 2013

Miracle Puppy Needs Our Help!

In the post about the March 2013 PATA Manzanillo spay/neuter campaign, I wrote about a sweet little street puppy that we took in and kept alive for the few days of the campaign. Little Chito is now in a pet hospital in California, and she still needs our help. You can contribute toward her medical expenses through her page on Even a dollar or two helps. Thank You!

Here's Chito's Story

Chito was brought in by a wonderful rescuer of street dogs named Doña Maria. She's being checked by Dr. Gabriela Leyva Chavez, one of the stalwarts of PATA Manzanillo.

She was put on an IV drip, and warmed up with socks stuffed with raw rice and microwaved. I started giving her Reiki as we worked to stabilize her.

Here's Stan Burnett, President and heart and soul of PATA Manzanillo, rigging up the IV so we don't have to hold it all night.

The awesome Dr. Michelle Jack, who ended up taking Chito back to her animal hospital in Venice Beach, is checking her heart rate with an IPhone EKG. Got to get one of those for Colima!

We stayed late into the night after everyone else left, trying to get her temperature up into the normal range.

Finally Chito stabilized and we all relaxed a bit. Celebrating are Dr. Michelle Jack in scrubs and Zoe Katsulos, owner of Inside/Out, a humanitourism company that fundraises and brings volunteers to Manzanillo for the clinic.

Here's Chito snuggled into her nest for the first night. At this point it was still very touch and go, and we hoped to find her improving when we got back early the next morning.

And she had improved, if marginally! Chito was able to walk around and pee and even poop. You wouldn't believe how we cheered that first poop! Her favorite pastime was still to sit quietly in someone's lap, but she was interested in her surroundings.

Dr. Ester from Mexico City was instrumental on getting Chito started on parasite medication, vitamins, and something else that I can't remember. Each morning and night, Dr. Ester would find us and inject Chito with blue stuff and clear stuff. The third morning, a little round worm fell out of Chito's butt as Ester injected her. Yeah!

By the end of the first night, Zoe, Michelle and I had decided that no way was Chito going back on the street! Michelle pulled many veterinary strings and got her into the cabin on her flight home. You can see in this photo at the airport the way Chito is responding to all the love.

The night before, at Zoe and Michelle's hotel, Chito even enjoyed a normal puppy moment rolling in the grass!

Snoozing in the carrier. What a way for a baby Mexican street puppy to fly!

After a long and complicated trip to California, Michelle and Chito crashed! Whew! Made it!

Chito is now staying at the pet hospital where Michelle is a vet. Turns out our baby has a urinary track infection and anemia, probably due to a parasite in her blood stream. She's being treated for both, and the prognosis is good! Michelle is using up her brownie points getting Chito the best care possible at the lowest cost. Still, we need your help to cover the medication and tests. If you can spare even a few dollars, please contribute on Chito's page on

Chito's Future

Chito will be going from the hospital into foster care with Michelle's lovely dog walker, Karen Dowe. You can keep track of her progress through her Facebook page and through Michelle's. Once she's fully recovered, Chito will be available for adoption to the Best Owner Ever! If you'd like to be that best owner, please contact Michelle.

Thank you for reading Chito's story! If you have questions or comments, please share! I'll be happy to pass along current questions to Michelle, or you can contact her directly on her Facebook page. And please, if it's at all possible, contribute a mite to Chito's care!

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