Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ophélie is Dark, it's Erotica, and it's on Kindle! #TBSU

My fifth novel is now on Kindle!

Click HERE to buy Ophélie on Amazon.

The Blurb for Ophélie

Dear Reader, Unlike my other novels, Ophélie is not a sexy fun romantic adventure. Ophélie plunges deep into the dark, engrossing world of self-destructive sexual obsession.

Have you ever had an erotic dream so real, so intense, you weren't sure whether it actually happened? Ophélie is a young college professor of psychology. Her husband Wes adores her. Yet she finds herself having violent erotic dreams about a male colleague. As the dreams spill over into her waking life, Ophélie's mind slowly unravels, and she succumbs to the seductive allure of a world of forbidden, humiliating, undeniable pain and pleasure.

Have you have ever been sexually obsessed? Have you ever wondered whether you'd survive or die? Drown yourself, for a few hours, in Ophélie's world.

The Story Behind the Story

In my last year of teaching high school in Canada, a student committed suicide. He had been in my journalism classroom only a few hours earlier. His death was a complete shock, and countless counselors spoke with everyone. My journalism students, a small, tight-knit, cooperative group who worked endless hours together producing the school newspaper, were especially affected. Despite everyone's best efforts, the school went into a tailspin, with three more suicides and over 20 known attempts that same year.

Ophélie grew from those beginnings. I wasn't trying to figure out what happened; the irrationality of suicide defies explanation. I only knew that I needed to get inside, to see suicide from the inside looking out. As a writer of erotica, it made sense that Ophélie's disintegration would be sexual, like Ophelia's in Hamlet. Writing the manuscript, I didn't know myself page to page whether Ophélie would survive.

Because of the intensity of the experience of writing and, I've been told, reading Ophélie, I don't want readers coming to it accidentally. For that reason the price is a bit higher, to prevent the unsuspecting purchase of a bargain novel. For the same reason, at present I do not plan to use the Kindle Free Days for Ophélie. The Pinterest page for Ophélie is dedicated to mental health resources.

I hope you will choose to read Ophélie, and I hope you will come to love the woman Ophélie, as I do.

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Please join me in the comments to discuss whatever you wish. Suicide is a difficult subject. Sometimes talking helps. Joyful talk works for me too!! Wherever your mind is today, let's go there!

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