Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Twelve Nights! "We're on Amazon, Boo!"

Overheard at the Teahouse in Stanley Park, Vancouver, February 12, 2:00 pm

Image Courtesy of Sequoia Company of Restaurants

Aggie: Take a look at this, Angela. Our story is on Amazon!

Angela: You mean Carole finally got it ready? About time.

Aggie: Be nice, Boo! Oh, look. The first reviewer likes Jimmy!

Angela: Who doesn't like Jimmy? What does it say about me?

Aggie: Um... it says you tricked me.

Angela: And that's it? I tricked you?

Aggie: Well, you did. Let's see, it says we're stunning. Oops, that's the publisher.

Angela: Let me have your iPad. Oh look, we're fun and smart. That's better.

Aggie: Ha ha. I can't wait to show Jimmy.

Angela: Calm down and drink your coffee. Jimmy probably saw it days ago. Doesn't he own half of Amazon?

Aggie: Oh shush, Boo. Let's order dessert. We're celebrating!

Angela: Okay, what can we get for $2.99?

Aggie: Nothing. Why $2.99?

Angela: That's all the book costs! Ack ack - gotcha, Boo!

If you'd like to ask Aggie and Angela a question, put it in a comment. They'll answer you right away, promise!

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