Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Twelve Nights Location Photos - Woohoo!

Today I learned how to use Pinterest. Who knew technology could be so much fun!!

My novel Twelve Nights takes place in New York City, in Auburn, Alabama, and mostly in Vancouver, Canada.  I went to Google images and looked for photos of the specific places in the novel, and found 13 great shots! I uploaded them to Pinterest, then annotated each one with a spicy comment, and Voila! Now there's a Pinterest board that illustrates the Sexy Fun story of Twelve Nights.

You can see all the photos at my Pinterest page. Just for fun, here's a preview of some of my favorites.

This is the Vancouver Hotel, where Jimmy and Richard think Aggie is staying. The two best friends have no idea they're both falling in love with TWO devious, stunning, identical twins.

This is the luxury suite that Jimmy reserved for Aggie, which she's never seen, but then Richard and Angela end up here and... you know.

This is the hotel where Aggie and Angela are actually staying, hiding out while their plan unfolds.

This is the walkway along English Bay where Jimmy accidentally runs into Aggie and Angela's dad. Awkward.

Can't have a love story without a bedroom, right? A photo like this one inspired Jimmy's over-the-top hideaway, only he also has a giant round bed. Oo la la.

Check the Pinterest board for eight more photos!

Hee hee! This is so much fun! What do you think? Would you like to see a board like this for each of my novels? How about for every novel you've ever read? Me too!

Talk to me in the comments. I'm eager to hear your thoughts.



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