Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exclusive Interview with Candid!

Dennis: We're here live on Expose! Welcome, Candid! It's a privilege to finally meet you, even if it is over the phone.

Candid: Hi Dennis. It's nice to meet you, too. You gave me quite a chase on my road trip.

Dennis: So, Saturday is the big day. I understand you're coming out on Amazon.

Candid: Yes, the book with my story is being released on Saturday, February 15.

Dennis: And the title, viewers, is Who Is Candid? Won't you give us your real name now? That would be quite a scoop.

Candid: Sorry Dennis. You'll just have to buy the book like everyone else. It's only $2.99, so it won't break your wallet.

Dennis: Are you watching the broadcast? There's a wall screen of your cover behind me.

Candid: Yes, I can see it.

Dennis: Is it really a photo of you? You really have red hair and, if I may say so, the most dazzling green eyes?

Candid: Ever hear of Photoshop, Dennis? It's me, but my eyes are only that color if I wear something green.

Dennis: Well, you are gorgeous. No wonder all those men, um, well... (pause) So, in the book, do you reveal which of your adventures actually happened?

Candid: Still trying to out me, Dennis? Saturday, get your copy on Saturday and learn all my secrets.

Dennis: We have a viewer on the line. Go ahead caller.

Caller: Hi. My name is Jenny. I live in Minneapolis. Candid, did you really, um, you know... on the roller coaster at the Mall of America? I've been on that roller coaster, and I don't think I'd have the guts to... you know.

Candid: Hi Jenny. It's all in the book. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until Saturday to find out.

Dennis: Thank you for calling, Jenny. Here's the roller coaster, folks. You can see photos of many of the places Candid had her adventures on Pinterest. The link is at the bottom of your screen.

Photo from Twin Cities Daily Photo.

Dennis: I'm afraid we're out of time. Head to Amazon on Saturday, everyone. Who Is Candid? is exclusive to Kindle, and only $2.99. We're putting a link here for our viewers using handheld devices.

Link to Who Is Candid? on Amazon will be posted on Saturday!

Would you like to talk Candid? She's staying on the line to answer your questions! Just write them in the comment box, and she'll get right back to you.

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  1. Not on that roller coaster! They didn't! Really? ;-) xx

    1. Hi Molly,

      Didn't you see them? It was all over the news. Hee hee. Well, it makes a good fantasy! Now me, I would even get on that screamer, much less, you know...

      Hugs, thanks for stopping by!