Monday, February 25, 2013

An Eclectic List of My Favorite Blogs!

There are a gazillion great blogs in the Blogosphere. How can a girl choose which to follow? Here are some of my all time favorites, sites I visit over and over and over.

An offshoot of the Deliberate Receiving website, this blog is THE place to go for all things Law of Attraction. Melody is the bomb. She's funny, the cartoons are awesome, and the stories and illustrations of the LoA are clear and concise. Join the comments for an always lively discussion.

If you're a reader, you'll love this blog for its insights into Susannah's wonderful characters and books. Her clear, entertaining writing is all over the blog! As a writer, I go here almost every day for ideas on how to make a book-marketing blog varied, informative, and fun, without the hard sell. Susannah is my virtual blog mentor!

If you're curious about life in other parts of the world, you'll enjoy this blog. The author is a veterinary student in Mexico, Marissa Lepe Preciado: "I'm a vegetarian animal rights fighter, punk rock music lover, Buddhism student that loves to bake cupcakes =)." The blog is fun and full of photos, and it's bilingual. Perfect for those who want to brush up their Spanish with a fluent English safety net.

For a blog home place to hang out, think, enjoy the conversation, and deepen your life, you can't do better than Lori Gosselin's warm and welcoming Life, For Instance. The topics are always thought-provoking and the conversations are extended, with multiple interactions and occasional tangents, just like great porch talk in real life.

The amazing Roxanne Rhoads is scheduling blog tours for me as we speak. If you'd like me to come to your blog, please contact Roxanne or me. Free Kindle copies of my books are part of the deal! If you're a reader, you'll find lots of new authors to enjoy on Roxanne's jam-packed site. If you're a writer, consider letting Roxanne handle your promotion. She's awesome!

Honestly, this is the blog I visit most often. Kevin's stories are always fascinating, and you get the feeling you are participating in something important, supporting soldiers and their canine co-workers. This is a blog with such a depth of previous posts, you can visit every day and always find something new and compelling to read.

Please give these great blogs a look. Each link opens in a new window, so you won't lose the list. I predict you'll be as hooked as I am. Check the list on the right for some more great blogs that I read regularly. The series on my favorite blogs will continue. If you don't see your blog this time, check the next round!

Are some of these your favorite blogs too? Did you try a new blog from the list, and now you're a fan? Please share your thoughts and comments! I look forward to a great conversation.



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  1. I just need more time to read them all!!! Love your blog, chick! Xx

    1. Me too, Molly! I have about 20 that I like to follow. If I get to each one once a week, it feels like an accomplishment! And they're all so good!