Thursday, February 28, 2013

When Lucy Met Trigger

Combining my two loves, here's a dog rescue (G-rated!) scene snippet from my erotic romance novel Who Is Candid? Enjoy!

I went for a walk like I planned. The river is broad and looks deep. At the bottom of the road by the trailer park I found a boat launch in a small cove. I heard the most pitiful noise, like a baby yelping. I pushed through some brush and found a little dog strangling in the water. Someone had tied a rock around its neck. The current must have carried it faster than it could sink. The string had caught on the roots of a bush by the edge of the water and the poor thing was dog paddling like crazy trying to keep from drowning.

I waded in and picked up the dog then spent several minutes trying to untangle the string. I finally broke it with my teeth, buried to the nose in wet dog hair – not an experience of choice. The whole time the dog kept licking me, my hand, my arm, my nose, anything it could reach.

I brought it back to the trailer and dried us both then set it on the bed. That’s when I found out that it was a he. He scrambled my blanket into a lump and started trying to hump it. I haven’t had a dog since Patches and I don’t remember him clearly. Are they really that stupid? My little friend whipped out his tiny pink penis and gave the blanket the ride of its inanimate life. I sat on the floor and laughed till I almost peed my pants. 

On the way to the park bathroom, I learned another thing about dogs. The scruffy little mutt climbed up on the table and watched me out of the front window of the trailer. Then he started to howl. How could so much noise come from such a little body? By the time I got back from the bathroom, the lights had come on in the neighboring campsites. I tried to get mad, but he was so happy to see me that I had to pick him up and hug him.

I fed him some tuna fish and let him out to pee and poop. I thought he might run away but he only went a few yards, did his business and trotted back to the door of the trailer. When I let him in, he hopped back up on the bed and gave the blanket another hump. It wasn't as funny this time and I scolded him. He stopped right away. He seems intelligent, if a bit quick on the draw. I named him Trigger.

Scruffy Puppy Dog by Lucy Toner 

The new male of my life is now sound asleep with his head on my pillow and his little body tucked under the covers. Tomorrow I’ll have to buy a leash and a dog bowl, and get him checked out by a vet. I should probably e-mail Dick tonight, but he’ll have to wait. I’m hopping into the sack with my new man.

Lucy and Trigger have a lot more adventures as they cross the US. Lucy enjoys, um, you know... in the woods, on a roller coaster, in a cave, etc, etc, with a lot of humans and Elvis and an alien. Maybe?? Trigger just keeps humping.

You can see illustrations of more locations from Who Is Candid? on Pinterest

This photo was taken by Pamela Tetreault, and originally appears here.
She did what? On the back of a frog?? 

I hope you've enjoyed this quick visit into Lucy and Trigger's world. Are you a dog rescuer too? Have you been on a fun road trip? I can't wait to hear your stories! 

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  1. Ha ha! Love it! Got to get reading this one! A roller coaster?! When it was moving? Xx

    1. Oh, yeah! Wait till you read everything Lucy gets up to! I think you'll really like this one, Molly!

      Thanks for stopping by. Hugs!


  2. Oh, that is fun, Carole. My daughter would love this story but then she might want to read the book... ahem. She's 11, so I may have to not tell her about it!

    1. Hi Amy,

      Your daughter can wait awhile still! If you're like me, maybe until she's 30 or so! If you'd like to read the book yourself, I'm looking for reviewers for Amazon and would be happy to send you a free copy. You have my email from your blog, so just let me know.

      Hugs! Thanks for stopping by,