Monday, April 1, 2013

May Blog Tour for Beauty of the Beast!

My new Sexy Fun Erotic Romance novel, Beauty of the Beast, will be released on Amazon on May 7!

Mary Jane Andrews is what Texans call a pistol. She thinks fast, acts faster, and takes the consequences with a laugh. The year is 1950. Young reporter Mary Jane isn’t sure what SM is, but she’s heard that it’s going on outside Austin, and she’s determined to investigate. Once she meets the Master, she’s both enthralled and scared spitless.

What’s a Master to do when his hotter-than-sin sexual soul mate shows up at the door of his highly illegal sex house? Don’t worry, he has lots of ideas...

Trouble is, Mary Jane wants the story. And the Master won’t spend the rest of his natural life in jail. The sex is explosive, inventive, and addictive, both ways. Will it be bend or break for the insatiable Beauty and the masterful Beast?

The wonderful Roxanne Rhoads of Bewitching Book Tours is arranging a month-long blog tour in May for Beauty of the Beast! If you'd like to participate with your blog, there are still some spaces available. And we're looking for as many blogs as possible to participate in a Release Day Blitz on May 7!

Here's a list of  some of the things participating blogs can receive.
  • a complimentary review copy (Kindle or PDF)
  • artwork for the blog (cover, photos from the Pinterest board, etc)
  • a guest blog (my topic or yours)
  • an interview with me, or with Lucy or Dick
  • a scene snippet (under 500 words)
  • a longer book extract (about 1000 words)
  • whatever else you think your readers would enjoy

I'd really love your help getting the word out about Beauty of the Beast! Please contact me (my e-mail is Carole dot Remy at hotmail) or Roxanne if you'd like to schedule a blog tour stop!

Thanks! You are appreciated!!

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