Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Elvis Lives! Hear Him Sing on a Sexy Fun Road Trip with Lucy! #TBSU

Lucy is traveling across the United States in Who is Candid?, and we are tagging along, enjoying the fun. Today she's in Tennessee, and decides to visit Belle Meade Plantation, in downtown Nashville. Enjoy all her fun adventures with your own copy of Who Is Candid?, available through Amazon Kindle worldwide.

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You'll never guess who Lucy meets at Belle Meade Mansion! Well, maybe you've guessed from the title to this post! Yes! It's Elvis. You can read all about her sexy fun encounter with Elvis at

Since Saph is sharing the story, I thought I'd give you some vintage Elvis songs. Does he really sing Blue Suede Shoes for Lucy while performing a hot strip tease?? This clip may help you imagine the scene!

Later, much later, Lucy asks him to sing Love Me Tender. Sigh... This version is from the original movie. Is Elvis singing to YOU??

Love Me Tender

One more, a personal favorite, Can't Help Falling in Love!

Can't Help Falling in Love

And to conclude the concert, here's the UB 40 version of Can't Help Falling in Love, complete with incredible, awesome, amazing trumpet solos! When this cut was released, my best friend in Canada was a well-known trumpet player, and I listened to this song for hours, and still love it just as much! 

UB 40 version of Can't Help Falling in Love

Hope you've enjoyed this mini-concert! Lucy certainly has a fun time when she meets a whole new, thoughtful, very intelligent Elvis Aron Presley, who is still The King!

Who is your fave singer of all time? What do you think of the covers of Elvis's songs by various artists? Are you enjoying Who Is Candid?, and our side trips along her journey? Thanks for joining me here today. As always, I look forward to a fun conversation. 

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