Sunday, June 30, 2013

Colima Public Health Spay/Neuter Campaign #TBSU

Control Canino y Felino del Municipio de Colima, the domestic animal control center for the city in Mexico where I live, is holding a five day free of cost spay/neuter clinic this week. I'll be there as a volunteer helping out mostly in the recovery area for dogs. Sorry cats, I like you but am seriously allergic!

I won't be here on the blog for those days, but you can picture me, knee deep in waking-up canines if you'd like! Here are three photos from a previous campaign.

Long lineups!
Skilled volunteer veterinarians!
Recovery teams keeping a close eye on all the patients.
Thank you all for your continuing support of this blog! You are the best readers, followers, and commenters ever, and I appreciate every single one of you!

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