Monday, July 1, 2013

Colima Mexico FREE Spay/Neuter Campaign, Day 1

We finished a bit earlier than expected today with the first day of the spay/neuter campaign, so I thought I'd take advantage and post a few photos. If you missed yesterday's post, the city of Colima, where I live, is offering FREE cat and dog sterilizations this week, through the auspices of Control Canino y Felino. CCF is the government agency in charge of the well-being of domestic animals in the city. It's kind of like Animal Control in an American city, but with close to a 100% adoption rate of captured street animals (zero euthanasia of non-terminally-ill animals), plus free services like this week's spay/neuter campaign. Love it!!

Registration. People arrive with their pets, who are operated on in the order they arrive. Dr. Jaime Martinez Castro, DVM, the Director of CCF, is on the right.

Prep for surgery. This sweet dog has already had a mild tranquilizer, and Marissa is administering the final anesthesia before the surgery.

Surgery. Yep, the veterinarians are young and very skilled, and we are outside in a park. As you can see, the free spay/neuter is for cats as well as dogs.

Recovery time. We didn't have a lot of space, so we set up a double decker system. Each animal is monitored for temperature and heart rate until they are fully awake and can leave with their owners.

This owner is sitting with her dog while she wakes up. The young vet is giving her a shot of antibiotics.

We had fun taking photos today. The sign says, "I'm sterilized. Are you?"

Happy owners! We love that they bring in their pets. They love that the vets do a GREAT job, and that it's all free!

A little joke. The sign says, "I'm almost sterilized. Are you?"

Another happy owner!

Here are some of the team of volunteers!

Thanks for joining us today! We have four more days of FREE spay/neuters this week. I don't know if there will be time to post photos every day, but I'll be back when I can. Hugs to you all, and have a totally wonderful week! Please leave comments if you wish! I'll answer as quickly as I can!

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  1. MC,

    That is great! In the northeast US, you have to pay $55-100 to get a stray cat spayed via TNR. We have females that give birth in our backyard so it is a home to kittens for a while, then the mom moves them, probably because it gets way too hot. We do give her food and water and let the kittens roam about. What a great service you have in the town where you live! Fantastico!

    1. Hi A! Thanks for stopping by!

      If you could catch, spay, and release a couple of female cats, it could cut down considerably on the kittens. Cats are territorial, and the spayed females will keep other unspayed females away. Maybe you and the neighbors could get together on the cost.

      Colima is a ciudad fantastica!! Hope one day you can come visit! Hug,


  2. This is such a wonderful program!

    When a stray mama and her 4 kittens (one later died) ended up in my parents' yard, they took them in. As soon as the kittens were weaned, my parents had mama spayed and re-released her outside (she was happiest there). However, it was discovered that mama and the 3 babies are FelV positive. Instead of having them all euthanized, my mother diligently looked throughout Michigan for a sanctuary that would take them. And She Was Successful! Mama left a few months ago and babies are on their way today. They are all able to still live their lives for however long they can, plus they won't be infecting other cats.


    1. Hi Saph,

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you! I'm still tired, and still exhilarated! I love the story of your parents, the cat, and the kittens. What a wonderful model for you, their child! And you've grown up helping animals, as the amazing person you are!!

      Many hugs,


  3. Hey Carole,
    looks like you're all doing wonderful work as usual! It's amazing how such a simple operation can make such an enormous difference. I hope that the rest of the week has been a success too!
    Molly xx

    1. Hi Molly,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. In skilled hands, it takes about 5 minutes to neuter a male dog or cat. That 5 minutes can prevent the birth of literally thousands of offspring. Wow! Thanks for your help promoting the importance of spay/neutering, and for your lovely friendship!

      Huge hugs,