Sunday, January 27, 2013

Suzanne Johnson and Susannah Sandlin - My Amazing Friend!

The last two weeks have flashed past. Sorry I haven't posted. I took my own advice from the first post, and have been pondering what to write about on this blog. That led to the list at your left - What Makes Me Dance!

So honoring the list, I'll write first about an amazing writer friend, and invite you to get to know her better.

Suzanne Johnson aka Susannah Sandlin

I've known Suzanne/Susannah for years. We were in a writers group together before she became famous, and it was clear from the start that she has 'IT.' She writes urban fantasy as Suzanne, and paranormal romance, quite a bit steamier!, as Susannah.

We recently reconnected, and she's been mentoring me as I step into the world of e-book publishing, kind of like the master vampire and the newby! Here are a few places you can get to know her better.

Suzanne's FB page
Susannah's FB page
Suzanne`s web page/
Susannah's web page
Suzanne's Amazon page
Susannah's Amazon page

Suzanne Johnson's books are Royal-Street and River-Road, both set in post-Katrina new Orleans. You feel the grit and despair as a backdrop to the high stakes paranormal games!

Susannah Sandlin's books are Omega-The-Penton-Vampire-LegacyAbsolution-The-Penton-Vampire-Legacy, and Redemption-The-Penton-Vampire-Legacy. They're set in rural Alabama, which is extra fun for me since I lived there for awhile.

Suzanne has agreed to write a guest post here soon. If you have questions for her, let me (and her) know in the comments. I hope my affection for this lovely lady has come through in this post. The huge bonus is that she's also an incredible writer, and I highly recommend every one of her books as a delightful, engrossing experience.

Hugs to you all! I look forward to conversing in the comments,



  1. i'm happy to discover you ( and your kidness to the dogs ( and cats) thanks to a message suzanne posted on her website

  2. Hi Miki,

    Welcome to the blog! I'll keep posting dog and cat stories and photos, I promise!