Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love, rescue, spay, neuter, adopt out, vaccinate, and have fun with dogs!

In the first post here, Getting Started, I admitted to being a binge writer of novels. I guess I'm a binge writer of blog posts too... Continuing on the list of What Makes Me Dance!

Love, rescue, spay, neuter, adopt out, vaccinate, and have fun with dogs!

A friend and I, Marissa Lepe Preciado, are starting a non-profit organization here in Mexico. Our FB page is Amigos de Perros y Gatos Colima. It's mostly written in Spanish since our main audience is the people of the state of Colima, Mexico, but there's quite a bit in English, and the photos are all fun. We have followers from all over the world, and would love for you to join us.

Rescue and Adopt Out

At the moment we don't have our own shelter, so we support the efforts of other local shelters by posting dogs and cats available for adoption. The adoption rate in Colima is high, and I like to think we contribute through sharing photos with our over 700 friends.

This little fellow was adopted the same day we posted his photo!

Spay and Neuter

We participate in community-wide sterilization campaigns by Colectivo Escuintle Colima and PATA Manzanillo. Together we sterilize over 500 cats and dogs every year. If you would like to contribute or participate in PATA Manzanillo's campaigns, you can visit their US support site, Friends of PATA. There's a campaign coming up in March, and I think you can still sign up to come help out (and vacation on the beach in sunny Manzanillo!) at insideout-journeys-for-your-inner-self-in-the-outdoors.

Taking care of post-op cats and dogs at a recent campaign in Colima.

Have Fun!

The city sponsors dog walks, which we publicize and participate in. Great fun for everyone, and well-attended! At the last walk, a costume event, I think there were over 200 dogs.

This Hulk was my favorite! Isn't he gorgeous! (The green is a harmless food dye.) We took photos to publicize our coming vaccination campaign.

The city also sponsors a dog show at the State Fair equivalent every year. Colimenses love their dogs!

AND, our big news is that we just started an Agility Club for Dogs! We meet every Saturday next to my house, and though we have no professional training, we have tons of fun. If you've every wanted to do agility with your dog, just do it. We cobbled together some boards and bricks, cut up garden hose for open jumps and tunnels, even cut down an old headboard for a solid jump. We got our ideas from YouTube.

You can do it! It's really fun!

So there's where we are with animal rescue support. For lots more details and photos, check us out at Amigos de Perros y Gatos Colima. Are you a member of a rescue site or do you just love animals? If so, please follow us here or on Facebook! I look forward to reading and responding to your comments!

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  1. What great work you are all doing, keep up the awesome work, blessings.

    1. Thanks! Maybe one day you can come visit and participate. Mexico is awesome!

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Hi Carole!

    Wow, you have an amazing life! That's great! I also adore and love dogs very much! They're so IRRESISTIBLY adorable!

    Keep up the good vibe,

    1. Hi Fonzy,

      Thanks for stopping by! Do you have a dog? My Gemma is the big, dark brown girl in the last photo. I need to post a better photo of her. Hmmm.

      Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! Hugs,