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Moms and Adult Daughters—A Conversation... #TBSU

We're in between Mother's Day and Father's Day, so mom/daughter relationships are still fair game, right? Who am I kidding? Mom/daughter relationships are always fair game! Throughout Who Is Candid?, Lucy struggles with her relationship with her mom. They love each other—a LOT—but they don't often see life through the same lens. 

In this excerpt, Lucy has been on her sexy fun road trip for a week. She decides to call her Mom, whom she calls Martina. Thank goodness, Martina knows nothing about Lucy's... adventures.

Lucy and Martina, on the Phone


“Lucy! You’re alive!”

“No sarcasm, Martina. You knew I was alive.”

“One little recorded message in seven days? I know they can fake those messages. They take bits and pieces of your voice and put it all back together. They can make you say sentences you never said.”

“Who would go to all that trouble over me?”

What about that N.S.A. thing? You thought you were clever with your New Mexico whatever. I found out. That’s the National Security Agency. You can’t be too careful around those guys.”

“You’ve been watching too much X-Files, Martina.”

“What’s my maiden name?”


“If you’re an imposter, you won’t know my maiden name.”

“I’m going to hang up, Martina. You are way over the edge.”

“Okay, okay. Are you healthy?”

“It’s Antonova.”

“Thank you. Are you eating properly? Are you getting enough sleep?”

“Yes. The truck is running great. I haven’t been mugged. Trigger protects me.”

“Oh, yes. The dog. What kind of dog did you say he was?”

“He’s a terrier, very fierce.”

“They’re territorial. Does he bark a lot?”

“He howls.”

“That’s good.”

“Not really.”


“Lucy… have you talked to Polly lately?” [Polly is Lucy's sister.]

“A few days ago. Why?”

“I’m worried about her and Daniel. Their marriage…”

“Is just fine. Don’t worry about them. They’re crazy about each other.”

“And what about you?”

“I’m crazy about them too.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it. What about you and getting married? Are you going to come back and settle with Dick?”

“You mean settle for Dick? He’s a good man, Martina. Don’t underestimate him.”

“Good men have jobs. If he’s so terrific, why don’t you marry him?”

“We’re not going there, Martina. I’m going to hang up before we have a fight.”

“We’re not fighting. How long are they going to hold your teaching assistant job at the university? You can’t stay away forever.”

“The term’s over. Besides, I don’t have a job at the university any more. I’ve graduated.”

“I remember. Twice. Lucy?”


“Don’t think I’m not proud of you, honey. I am proud. I can’t believe you came out of my body. I just want you to be safe and happy.”

“I’m perfectly safe, Martina. Don’t worry about me.”

“And happy? Are you happy?”

“I’m working on it. Maybe it’s an illusion. Are you happy, Martina?”

“Happiness is having healthy children and grandchildren. Knowing what you’re doing here on the planet. That’s enough for me, having children at home, not wandering who-knows-where and maybe getting in dangerous situations.”

“I love you, Martina. I’m going to hang up now.”

“Lucy, wait a …”


You and Your Mom

Do you sometimes have conversations like this with your mom? This conversation could have been between my Mom and me, except Lucy and Martina are funnier.

Somewhat off topic, let me quickly remind you that Who Is Candid? is an erotic romance, with lots of sex. LOTS of SEX! Yes, it's also a novel about a grown daughter and her relationship with her mother, and about a recent graduate trying to figure out her life. That said, if you want to read about mothers and daughters, but don't want to read steamy sex, you may want to pick a different novel. Just saying.

If you DO want a steamy sexy fun road trip novel, click on the cover of Who Is Candid? at the top of the right sidebar!

Back to Mom! How would you describe your relationship with your mom? Do you ever bicker like Martina and Lucy? My Mom was a worrier like Martina, and sometimes she drove me a bit crazy. She also wanted me to have a traditional life, because she thought that was the path to happiness. Her route wasn't my route, and it took awhile for us both to accept that.

What do you admire most about your mom? How do you differ? Are you a parent yourself? Has that changed your perception of your own mother? Let's hang out in the comments and have an off the wall conversation. What do you say? I'll grab a coffee and meet you in a couple of minutes.

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