Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lucy's Sexy Fun Road Trip: Olympic National Park, Washington #TBSU

In Who Is Candid?, Lucy takes a sexy fun road trip that quickly turns into an online erotic Arabian Nights! Here's her story.

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In the spring of 1998, recent graduate Lucy Ralph decides to rebel. The NSA is blocking her job applications, her best friend Dick is a frustrating hunk of gorgeous, and her mother is driving her crazy. Worst of all, she’s still a virgin! 

Lucy takes off on a road trip across America, and reinvents herself as 'Candid,' a naughty girl who has sexy fun with just about everybody she meets, and tells the world all about it! Her explicit 'Candid' Internet posts go viral overnight. The National Security Agency, the entertainment media, the paparazzi, and soon the entire nation are on her tail! While she spins a modern day sexual Arabian Nights, she's also being tracked by the sweet, sexy, and elusive Dick, who has his own tricks to play. 

Will love ever be more than a virtual reality for Lucy? Can she and Dick get past the friends page? Will exposure ruin everything, if the nation finds out Who Is Candid?

Let's Go on a Road Trip with Lucy!

Lucy's trip begins on May 18, and we're here to head out with her. From now until June 9, we'll be traveling with Lucy, seeing the sights and sharing adventures! 

To celebrate and make it easy for you to follow along, Who Is Candid? will be a FREE download on Amazon Kindle all next week! That's right, starting Monday morning in the wee hours, Who Is Candid? is FREE! Set yourself a reminder to download on Monday, and join us here for behind the scenes info and photos of the road trip stops.

Olympic National Park, Washington

Lucy leaves her home in Seattle, and heads to places unknown. Her first overnight stop is in the gorgeous Olympic National Park. Having lived for many years in Vancouver, British Columbia, I visited the beautiful Olympic Peninsula many times. 

Lucy sees a scene much like this as she approaches the park. Breathtaking! She continues on driving into the mountains to the Boulder Creek Campground. A nice man helps her back the trailer into a camping spot, and then helps her some more... You can read all the juicy, sexy details in the book!! 

The darkness in Olympic National Park is absolute. The story of Patches in the novel is true. The first night of a camping trip, our dog Pax was so freaked out by the total darkness, he wouldn't stop howling. We lit a candle in a tin can to calm him down. I also remember star gazing at the incredible night sky. 

It's not feasible to photograph pure blackness, but this haunting image gives a sense of the quiet and peace of the Olympic Peninsula mountains.

Here's one more view Lucy might well have seen as she was driving out of Olympic National Park the next morning. May is a beautiful month! 

I hope you've enjoyed these glimpses of the views Lucy sees in the park. These beautiful photos are from the National Park Service public domain image website. In the days to come, I'll be sharing photos and personal stories from many of the locations along Lucy's route. 

Have you been to the Olympic Peninsula? Do you enjoy camping? Do you like seeing photos and learning extra details about Lucy's story? I hope you'll join me in the comments for a lively discussion!

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  1. I loved my visit to the Olympic National park a few years ago. Thanks for the mention.

    1. You're welcome Shelley. I love your blog and hope everyone will visit.

      The Olympic Peninsula is beautiful! When I lived nearby, I used to love to visit. It's wonderful to have large open spaces in our natural parks. Yeah!

      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. I love your Twelve Nights, Carole, and am excited to read more. No need for freebies. I enjoy supporting your work. I just have to be careful not to send them to my 12 year old daughter's Kindle instead of my own! lol... I was helping her clean out her Kindle the other day and there were a few books on there that probably shouldn't have been (ahem). LOL. Keep 'em coming.

    1. Hi Amy!

      Thanks for stopping by! You're right, my novels are NOT for twelve year olds! I do have a young adult novel in the editing phase. It will come out under my non-pseudonym, Mary Carol Moran. Maybe your daughter can give me an expert opinion on the manuscript, when it's ready?

      Thanks so much for your support! Hug,


  3. These pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for taking us on this "road trip."


    1. Thanks Saph! These posts are a ton of fun to write!

      Check out the dog photos today. I thought of you when I wrote the post, and you're linked again as a dog loving blogger! Many hugs,