Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Colima, Mexico, a Leader in Animal Protection! #TBSU

This Spring, eleven local animal rights groups have been working with Diputado (Representative) Mariano Trillo Quiroz on legislation to criminalize animal abuse in our state of Colima, Mexico. Today, the vote was taken, and we won! Colima is now the fourth state in Mexico with strict anti-abuse laws, including penalties of up to a year in jail for owners that do not properly care for their pets, as well as for persons who abuse stray or neighborhood animals.

Strong stuff, and I'm so proud of Mexico and of Colima that I could cry. Well, I am.

Here are a few photos of our amazing, wonderful day!

The packed legislative chamber!

Diputado (Representative) Mariano Trillo Quiroz, 
who shepherded the legislation expertly through to success. 

The moment of the yes vote! Even we were surprised
that the final vote was unanimous!

Thank you for being here, lovely readers! We've shared many moments together, and this is one of the best! As always, I look forward to chatting with you in the comments.

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  1. That's brilliant news! And it is how it should be! People can be wonderful when they unite to show that they care. :-)

    1. People are wonderful, Molly! All over the world.

      Isn't it fantastic to be alive right now?! I know there are disasters too, but the amazing, caring, awesome people so far outnumber the sad evil ones.

      Huge hugs,


  2. I'm so happy for you Carole! You must be over the moon right now... :-) ((hugs!))

    1. Thanks Nathalie,

      We've had an emotional few days. It's been wonderful to have something so positive to hold onto in the midst of all the tragedies this week. Part of what feels good to me is how people from different animal rescue groups, who in the past have had their differences, came together as one voice to make this happen.

      Hugs! Your friendship means more to me than you may realize.