Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wait! Change! It's the Law of Attraction!

The Carole Remy blog came into being on January 14, 2013. But something didn't feel quite right.

The Value of Waiting

Following the Law of Attraction and Taoist principles, I immediately stopped posting and waited for inspiration. Waiting is a really important aspect of the Law of Attraction, one that is often overlooked. If something doesn't feel quite right, keep paying attention, but pause.

Two weeks later, the blog fell into place, and it's been humming ever since. What was off in the first place? I had thought exclusively of marketing my erotic romance novels. I'd looked at lots of writers' blogs, liked what I saw, and thought I would do the same thing. Trouble is, that's not me.

To work for me, this blog needed to be an expression of my life, something personal. It needed to include animal rescue and the Law of Attraction, for starters. Both are integral to my life and needed to be well represented on this blog.

Why Waiting Works, and Boy, Does It!

Why does waiting for inspiration work? It can be frustrating to do nothing when you want to do something, anything! Trouble is, doing 'something' often ends up being counterproductive, if it's not the right something.

The willingness to wait is a neon signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive abundance in whatever form it comes. When we act too quickly, it's like we're saying, No thanks for your help, Universe! I know best. When we relax and wait attentively for signs that we're on the right path, the world opens before us. What looked like giant obstacles become fun jumps on the agility course of life! (You knew I'd get dog agility in here somehow, right?)

How do I know the pause worked? Once I included dog rescue and the Law of Attraction on the blog, it was like I released a giant sigh, Yes! This is me, this is right. And readers responded immediately. The blog's bounce rate is under 20%. That means readers come for one post, and they stay to read more, a lot more. Yeah!

Learning as You Go

One of the wonderful aspects of Internet publishing is that you can fix things! Whew! It took several tries to get a look for the blog that feels right. Unlike with a print magazine or newspaper, the earlier versions have vanished into the ether.

The same is true for the e-book versions of my novels. Twelve Nights and Who Is Candid? have gone through two cover changes and three blurb changes each, in just two months! And Beauty of the Beast, releasing on May 7? Check out the post about the Epic Fail Frankenstein Book Cover!

Being Open to Change is Part of the Law of Attraction

Just as waiting is an often ignored aspect of the Law of Attraction, so is willingness to change. When we are open and flexible, we see opportunities. When we let go of the notion of being right, we can recognize better options, which we can then let go of for even better options!

How does willingness to change fit into the Law of Attraction? The underlying principle of the LoA is that  your present energy attracts similar future energy. Joy attracts more Joy. Rigidity unfortunately is also self-reinforcing. If you think one path is the only way, you aren't even going to see all the more useful paths open before you.

So even if you love, adore, and cherish the current cover of your novel, be aware that an even more awesome cover might be possible. In fact, the changing covers of my novels are a perfect manifestation of this phenomenon. I LOVED each original cover design. Because I loved, adored, and cherished each original cover, the Universe placed before me the opportunity for even more adorable, lovable covers!

The secret to successful, tranquil change is to truly love where you are now, but without clinging. Adore your awesome life, but keep your eyes and mind open to mind-blowing possibilities!

Have you ever waited for just the right moment? How did that work out? Are you comfortable with change, or does it scare you? Please join the conversation! I'm eager to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Ah, there's an old song that comes to mind here : "The waiting is the hardest part ... " Remember that? For me, waiting is hard even when I am intending to be open to new ideas, to allowing my abundance to come in whatever fashion it chooses, etc. This is an area I struggle with, but I'm getting better ... thanks to lovelies like you that write such amazing and inspirational blogs to help me on my path! :)

    1. Hi Patty,

      Thank you for dropping by! I remember that song, and yes, waiting can be hard. What makes it easier for me is to enjoy where I am right now. And with a happy irony, enjoying the now shortens the wait for the even brighter future!

      Hugs! Hope you have an awesome Tuesday,


  2. Hi MC!

    Ok, here I am posting the message on your site. Wonderful article!


    1. Hi A!

      I'm so glad you made it here and were able to post this time. Whew! You might want to try the option name/URL next time under Reply As, so your link will show. Right now you're Anonymous, but by whatever name, I'm glad you're here!



  3. I found your site through Deliberate Receiving. Thanks for the article. I like the example of the universe bringing you better book covers each time! :)

    1. Hi Moonsparkle,

      Thanks for stopping by! When we open up to receiving abundance in whatever form it comes, we let ourselves be happily surprised over and over. Have you had an experience like that? A time when you just said, Give me your best, Universe!

      Wishing you much abundance in your life! Hug,


    2. Hi Carole,

      You're welcome! :)I have found that when I'm not focusing so much on things they come to me easier. For example, a few years ago I made a Life List and one of the things on it was "Try root beer". I've always read about it in American books but since I live in the UK I didn't think it was available here. Then a few days later, someone wrote on Facebook that she'd got root beer and it was from a shop near me, so I got to try it!

      I've tried an exercise of making a list of small things I would like to happen during the week and some have happened. I think I'll try just being open to abundance in whatever form it comes and see what happens!

      Wishing you much abundance too! Hug. :)

    3. Hi Moonsparkle,

      Thanks for sharing the example of the root beer. It's perfect! Things we think are impossible are only things we haven't opened our eyes to, yet!

      Rather than 'testing' the Universe (It's a little like testing a boyfriend, no? Never a good idea!), I just automatically attribute every cute, wonderful, nice little thing or event to the Universe bringing me awesomeness.

      Like you say, just watch and say thank you! Abundance is looking for you!


    4. Hi Carole,

      You're welcome. :) Hmm, I see what you mean about the testing! I think that is a good idea about automatically attributing every great thing/event to the universe bringing me good things.

      Best wishes! :)

    5. Morning, Moonsparkle!

      Let's have an amazing day noticing awesomeness! Check out the new post. You're one of the fantastic readers I cherish!



    6. Thanks Carole! Will check out the post. Have an amazing day too! Hugs. :)