Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thankful Tuesday! Bloggers, Family, and Friends!

I thought for this Thankful Tuesday, I'd share some mementos that make me think of cherished family and friends. I'll write about each of them in a minute.

First, I want to thank all the blogs that have hosted my novels this month! Please check out these posts and give them some love! The links go directly to the reviews of Twelve Nights and Who Is Candid?, and to my guest blogs (except the last two, which aren't posted yet).

Let me start with a big thanks to Roxanne Rhoads and the team at Bewitching Book Tours, who put it all together! If you'd like to book me for your blog in April for Who is Candid? or in May for the launch of Beauty of the Beast, please contact Roxanne or me directly.

NOTE: The spacing is somehow messed up, but I'm publishing the list anyway hoping you won't mind too much. Marissa, the beautiful tech whiz, will fix the HTML tomorrow. Arggg! This is what I get for trying to fix it—I made it worse!

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spotlight on Twelve Nights

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March 27
guest blog + reviews of both novels
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March 29
guest blog: Did Who Is Candid? Actually Happen?
Krystal's Enchanting Reads ...

Thank you all!!!

And now to the friends and relatives who enrich my life on a daily basis—You are appreciated! Here are a few mementos I keep in the bedroom to help me feel close to loved ones who are thousands of miles away.

My daughter Margaret brought me back this Buddha from I think Phuket, somewhere in that part of the world! She travels with her job and brings me back thoughtful gifts that each reflect my taste and beliefs. Daughters are awesome!

My sister Maggee painted this hand for me on a glove mold. It's become a perfect symbol for me, as I now use my hands practicing Reiki. And it's a great place to hang other mementos!

My daughter Lynde found these snowflakes in Alabama and brought them to Mexico to put on our Christmas tree. I love them!

Here's the tree Margaret made and Lynde adorned. Best tree ever! Best Christmas ever!

Ganesh is my hero! He's the Hindu elephant god of new beginnings and prosperity, and he rocks! I have six Ganeshes in my house, including this one my sister Patricia brought me from India. This Ganesh is reading! Perfect!

My friend Marissa Lepe Preciado crocheted this cat for me. We do animal rescue together. I'm allergic to cats, and she wanted me to have a pet cat!

When I left Alabama for Mexico, my friend Peggy Howland invited me to pick something from her mantle to take with me, to remind me of her loving care! I picked this butterfly, who is lovely and strong, just like Peggy! 

It doesn't take a lot of stuff to create a home. These few mementos are home for me, wherever I live. Each reminds me of someone who holds a permanent place in my heart. 

What mementos are special to you? Who would you like to thank for being part of your life? If this post inspires a phone call, or an e-mail, or a hug—Woohoo! Have a fabulous Thankful Tuesday!

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