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Did Who Is Candid? Actually Happen???

In a sense, Who Is Candid? is as much a true story as it is a novel. My daughter and I wanted to take a long road trip together, and we brought along our little dog Joey. Yes, he was a blanket humper just like Trigger in the novel. We bought a trailer, hitched it to my pickup truck, and took off, much like Lucy does in the opening scenes of the novel.

It had occurred to me that I could write off some of the costs of the trip on my income tax if I did research as we went and then wrote a novel based on the research. Yup—thrifty and a little sneaky (but legal!), that’s me!

Self-Publish or Royalty?

Several of my novels were first published in print format with royalty publishers. When I got the rights back, I decided to bring out the e-books myself. Why?

Royalty publishing has some advantages, mainly from the sense of having a partner and the confidence that someone objective believes in your writing. It also distances the writer from sales statistics. It’s hard to obsess about a royalty statement that comes in the mail every six months. Online sales have changed that, but the optimistic writer can still imagine physical bookstores everywhere selling their novels like hotcakes!

Novels and the Law of Attraction

What do writing and reading novels have to do with the Law of Attraction? Plenty!

To use the Law of Attraction to maximum advantage, first you need to understand it. Everything is energy, even things. Easy for physicists, a little odd to grasp for the rest of us. Boiled down to basics, Like attracts like, but only for energy = emotions. The Universe doesn’t know a Bugatti from a bug, but if you feel happy, you automatically draw in more happiness.

As novelists, we can apply this understanding as we write. The more involved and enamored we are with our story, the more readers will be involved and enamored as well. Enthusiasm is catching. For this reason, I personally like to write fast. In some woowoo way, I think this gives the reader a fast, compelling read through my novels. That doesn’t mean careless or unedited, but rather a first draft that sings.

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Why Write Erotica?

Let’s face it, people like sex. They like doing it, they like imagining it, they like reading about it. If you want to sell books, put in lots of sex. It’s a formula that goes back to Shakespeare, Henry Fielding, even the Bible.

This practical aspect manifests for me in freedom of expression. Beauty of the Beast is a 1950’s fairy tale. Twelve Nights is Shakespeare revisited by English Bay in Vancouver. Fantasy Impromptu was inspired by Chopin’s opus of the same name. Who Is Candid? is a picaresque novel with a nod here and there to Voltaire’s Candide. In the works is Tempestuous, an off-world sci fi erotic romance about an alien-sex therapist. Miranda gets the magic touch this time instead of Prospero.

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Interview About Twelve Nights

What inspired you to write this story?

Twelve Nights is my third published erotic romance novel. The first two are strongly character based, and I felt confident about creating believable people. I wanted to challenge myself to create a more intricate, multi-layered plot. About the same time, I came across the movie Ten Things I Hate About You (a modern retelling of Taming of the Shrew with the amazing Heath Ledger). I thought, why not embrace plotting with the master himself, Shakespeare? Three intertwined love stories, multiple mistaken identities, bawdy comedy, lots of opportunities for sex—erotic romance to the max!

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Money, Taoism, and the Law of Attraction

Lately I’ve been wrestling with money. Okay, my whole life I’ve been wrestling with money. I’ve never been destitute, but I’ve never been rich either. It’s hard to remember very many months when the 30th didn’t bring a minor panic.

From a Law of Attraction perspective, I clearly have a lot of triggers, a lot of resistance, around money. I’ve cleared a whole ton of resistances, even finding and now living in harmony with my Soul, but the money resistance is deeply ingrained and doesn’t seem to want to budge. A part of me is convinced, way down deep, that relative poverty is a good thing.

How does this manifest as a problem? Why can’t I just be (relatively) poor and happy? Well, I can, and in fact most of the time, I am. The only reason I know the resistance remains is that goals, worthwhile goals like rescuing dogs, goals that require resources, keep coming up for me. I really, really, really want to rescue dogs, and I really, really, really resist manifesting the money to do so. Arrggg!

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Banish the Anxiety — Focus on the Fun!

How do we stay in the flow when we’re in the middle of advertising, promoting, and otherwise selling our creative darlings? How can we banish anxiety over the barrage of numbers: views, sales, tweets, friends, follows, et al!?

The solution applies a lot further than publishing. In fact it can help all of us keep having fun, no matter the circumstances.

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