Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Live a Creative Life, One Sudsy Glass at a Time! #TBSU

Do you use your creative capacity 
as part of your everyday life? 

Could you can recognize and get greater satisfaction 
from the things you are already doing? 

Can you turn every act into a time 
to think, act, and simply be creative?

We can make more opportunities to grow creatively, and to define creativity in a way that makes it accessible to us all the time!

What are you already doing that fulfills your need to be creative? 

It could be – I hope it’s true – that you are already living more creatively than you think.

As a first step, let’s look at the difference between an ordinary, everyday experience, and a creative experience, what we might also call an aesthetic experience. An example of an ordinary experience might be somebody poking a stick into a fire. The person might say, “Well, I wanted to get the fire to burn a little better.” 

What if the person focuses on the fascination of watching the interaction between the flickering flames and the coals that crumble at a touch? What if she notices the sensation of heat on skin, the smell of wood smoke, the crackle of a sizzling twig?! Voila! She is having a creative experience!

Attitude is Everything!

The actual experience is not the important thing. Our attitude toward the experience is what defines it as ordinary or extra-ordinary. Buddhism does a great job with this concept. One of the main ideas of Buddhism is the principle of mindfulness. Basically, the message is: Pay Attention! 

If you are washing a glass, savor the bubbles and the hot water. Rub your thumb against the edge and listen for the squeak. Use a nice-smelling dish soap, something you like, and sniff the lingering scent of the soap on your hands a few minutes later. Pay attention!

Don't Live an Antiseptic Life! 

Our modern lives can seem antiseptic. We can get preoccupied with details, and yet paradoxically not get much pleasure from them. We write a check to pay the gas bill, but we don’t notice the feel of the pen in our hands, or the silkiness of the ink as it flows onto the paper. 

Think of your great-grandmother’s rocking chair. To her, it was a convenient place to sit, an ordinary, everyday, taken for granted part of an ordinary life. But to us, now, that exact same rocking chair may be a work of art, a beautiful antique. We almost hesitate to sit in it, it’s so precious. Do you see the irony here? What if we could transfer that future reverence into the present moment, and still maintain the utility? That would be living creatively.

A Fun Challenge!

I want you to do something right now. I want you to wiggle around a little in your seat. Feel the steadiness of it against your back. Feel how well it supports you, how easily you can relax, feeling secure that it isn’t going to collapse under you. This is a little silly, but I want everybody to say, “Thank you, chair!” Everybody now, “Thank you, chair!” 

Maxi instinctively savors every sensation! We can too!
You know what, we just had a shared aesthetic experience, a little moment of creativity in the middle of sitting at a computer with you reading, me writing, a blog! Feel free to keep enjoying a creative adventure with your chair as we continue.

In fact, continue your day and evening enjoying EVERYTHING as a creative adventure! What's your favorite sensory experience? What are the everyday tasks that you savor? Send your ideas and inspirations via the comments! I look forward to reading your thoughts!

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  1. Thank you for the mention Carole Unfortunately my chair is a demic and so I didn't thank it today It drops down when I wiggle and needs mending with a new one soon.
    Scarlett xXx

    1. Hi Scarlett!

      Thanks for teaching me a new word! I had to look up demic on Google. Love it! Hope you get a new chair soon!

      I bet you are one of those people who appreciates the little moments. Have a fantastic day! Well, it's evening there now, so have a great night, and a wonderful day tomorrow!



  2. Demic: "not fit for purpose". I had to look that up, too! LOL! :-)

    I love the idea of mindfulness in every day life, but I find it hard to actually implement. I get so caught up in the endless lists of things that need to get done that, as I'm frantically doing one task, my mind is already racing on to what I have to do next. I'll have to try and enjoy the bubbles next time I do the dishes, though. I do like to see them all the fluff in the sink before I dump all the dirty dishes into it. :-)

    Also, I do find that when I get a chance to take a walk by myself, it's almost like a moving meditation for me. I'm able to just breathe and enjoy the colours and the movement, and the precious *alone* time.

    1. Hi Nathalie,

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are feeling better. By slowing down, you can actually get more done. Counter-intuitive, but true. It takes so little time to focus, a second or two, and then ahh... refreshed and ready to roll!

      Enjoy the suds! My new mantra! If you want to make a poster with the photo, go ahead. I took it, so there's no copyright issue.