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Can I Use the Law of Attraction to Boost Book Sales?

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Or animal adoptions, or whatever measure of abundance you want? The simple answer to this question is, Yes of course! The more complicated answer contains the proviso: as long as you understand how the Law of Attraction really works. If it were obvious, we'd all have the sales of John Locke or Laurel K. Hamilton.

Two Key Principles of the LoA  

How does the Law of Attraction really work? The first thing to understand is that from the Universe's point of view, everything is energy. Even things are energy. Physicists know this. For the rest of us, it takes a little getting used to.

The second principle is that, believe it or not, the Universe wants to and always does give us exactly what it thinks we want. That's because the Universe acts like a giant reflector, reflecting back and amplifying energy. You've heard of like attracting like? Magnify by a gazillion, and that's the Universe.

What Does This Mean for Us Humans? 

For us, the Law of Attraction translates into a huge tool that we use all the time, either consciously or, more often, unconsciously. Here are a couple of examples.

Unconscious Attraction (Unpleasant Example)

A waiter brings a scrumptious piece of cake to the table. Your emotional reaction is — Why did he bring this cake to the table? I can't possibly eat this cake! I'll get fat. 

What the Universe hears: I like feeling fat. I like feeling envious. I like feeling angry. I like feeling powerless (from the Universe's strictly physics POV).

What you get in the future: more opportunities to feel fat, to feel envy, to feel anger, to feel powerlessness. Arggg!

Unconscious Attraction (Happy Example)

You see a puppy in someone's arms. You feel joy! You want to cuddle the puppy! You remember how much you love your own dog!

What the Universe hears: I like joy. I like touching. I like loving my dog.

What you get in the future: more opportunities to feel joy, to feel physical closeness, to feel love.

How to Attract Book Sales

Now we get to the nitty gritty. What will attract book sales? Number one, the Universe doesn't have a clue that you want book sales. Not. A. Clue. No matter how many vision boards you make, wishes you express, tears you shed, the Universe doesn't know Amazon from a strong lady, or Kindle from a fire. 

What the Universe does know is emotion, and it will bring you more of whatever emotion you feel. There are some pretty obvious emotions you want to avoid, because you don't want more opportunities to feel them. Envy. Anxiety. Desperation. Despair. The list is pretty long, and the emotions are pretty common. What we need is an antidote.

What emotions will bring book sales? Anything that makes you feel good brings more opportunities to feel good!

Appreciation. To me, gratitude is the best tool we have. You cannot feel down when you are feeling appreciative. Try it. Can't be done! The more you feel grateful for what you already have, the more things/people/book sales(!) the Universe will bring you to appreciate .  

Confidence. If you feel secure and confident, the Universe will keep proving to you over and over that you are right to feel secure and confident. How cool is that!

Optimism. If you wake up in the morning expecting a wonderful day, guess what you're going to get? A wonderful day! That doesn't mean that nothing will go wrong. What it does mean is that the optimistic, confident you will see mishaps as bumps and not crashes.

Generosity. Being generous is good not because it's morally or inherently right, but because it flows from a feeling of abundance. When you are generous, you are telling the Universe that you feel abundant, and you can take it to the bank (literally!) that you will get more and more opportunities to feel abundant.

I'm sure you can think of many more uplifting and helpful emotions. When you find yourself shifting into an unhelpful emotion, one you don't want more of, the quick fix is to find something to appreciate. Don't try to go from despair to joy. It's too big a leap. Just find something small to enjoy. I love the feeling of soap suds on my hands, and that gets me through the dishes with a smile every time. 

Or Something Better

The bottom line is to do the best you can to produce great books and to promote them with enthusiasm and vigor. You do your job of focusing on the emotions you want more of, and let the Universe do its job of bringing you more opportunities to feel them. 

When you enjoy the process, you get more joy. If one person retweets you, Wow! Feel the connection! When you feel abundant, you get more abundance. One person bought your book? That's fantastic! When you feel supported, you get more support. You got one 5-star review - Wonderful! How amazing and sustaining that somebody loves your book!

Whenever I wish for something, I always tag onto the end, "or something better." Great book sales would be fun, but who knows? Maybe the Universe has a different path, something that absolutely fulfills my soul's desires in a way that I can't even imagine right now!  

So I'll end by wishing you all amazing book sales, or something better!

Have you experienced the Law of Attraction in your life? What other feel good emotions can you add to the list? What's your method for lifting yourself out of unhelpful feelings? As always, I'm eager to hear your thoughts, and look forward to a great discussion.

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  1. Hi Carole,

    I think this post is one of the best and clearest way in explaining how LOA works. That it also gives pointers on how one can sell one's books makes it even more awesome to a budding writer like me. Thank you for the insights, sisi.

  2. It should say( above): "one of the best and clearest ways of explaining how LOA works." Was too quick in pressing the 'publish' button.

  3. For you to have the Universe 'on your side' it is imperative to have all the laws that govern the Universe. This way you are assured success, happiness and fulfillment in all areas of your life. I am Affirmation