Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disecting the New Cover Design for Twelve Nights!

Woohoo! Here's the new cover for Twelve Nights!

Following up on the previous post about cover design, here are our thoughts as we came up with this cover.


In Twelve Nights, the main female characters are twins. In the novel, they don't dress like this, and they're not lesbians, and they're not dominatrices... But they do turn out to be a bit devious. We chose this picture primarily because these women are gorgeous! Then we noticed the blouse ruffle and the neck roses, which are a little Elizabethan. Twelve Nights is loosely based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. And one is wearing white - in the novel there's the good twin librarian Aggie - and one is wearing black, the novel's bad twin call girl Angela.

The Title Font

The designer had bought the curlicue font on a whim years ago, and now it is perfect for this book! Hopefully the swirliness is reminiscent of Elizabethan times, and might spark a curiosity about the title Twelve Nights for Shakespeare-loving readers. The name font for Carole Remy was chosen to echo the curves of the title, but subdued to the point that you barely notice them. The gray color, rather than black, was chosen to blend the name a little better with the model's scrumptious skin!

The Overall Look

I wrote yesterday about the importance of finding an overall look for your covers. Today, we went through the photos we have for the six covers. Five work fine as full cover photos, no border. The sixth doesn't fit at all, so we're looking for another image for that book. Hopefully, as the books come out, you'll see a cohesive, recognizable design structure. Fingers crossed!

So, please let me know what you think of the cover! As I said yesterday, the point of the cover is to get you to pick up the book. Have we succeeded? Once you're inside, I hope the characters, the story, the humor, and the burn-your-fingers hot sex will keep you reading. But first you have to pick up the book!

Thanks as always for joining me here on the blog! I look forward to conversing with you in the comments.

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